Classic point and click adventure game about... Classic video games! 

The Game: Video Game


The Game: Video Game – Enhanced HD Adventure is a classic point and click adventure game about… Classic video games! The main character of The Game is a game journalist (The Nerd) who somehow gets into the realm of retro games. Unfortunately, it turns out that this classic beautiful world is doomed (what a surprise) and the player with his side-kick (The Paperclip) are the last chance to rescue it.

Main features

  • Hand-drawn 4K graphics (which are then downsized to Full HD, but still, it’s pretty much in the age of pixelated indie games)
  • A lot of funny dialogue (our lead designer almost completed a course in stand-up and uploaded few funny cat videos to YouTube)
  • Six long chapters to play (explore the world of retro games, solve too many absurd puzzles and become the ultimate hero – total playing time should be longer than the average FPP shooter)

Special Features

  • Side-quests (like in RPG game, you will be able to take not-so-interesting side quests, including exciting and epic hunt for rats in the basement)
  • SWAaG System (Stands for: Strenght, Wit, Agility and Gifts. The Nerd will be gaining XP points and exotic items, which allows you to solve [only a few] puzzles in a various way)
  • Game-o-pedia (built-in game log contains not only boring information about the plot, but also an encyclopedia of games that were the inspiration for the creators)

Extra Features

  • Community-based development (because sometimes we lack ideas, some elements of the game will be suggested by fans – there will be a special website for this)
  • Already Remastered (as the title suggests, the game is already done in sweet HD, so you will not have to buy another edition in a few months)
  • Multiplatform (The Game will debut on Windows. However, we consider versions for Linux, Mac, and mobile, but we don’t know yet if we know how to do this)


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Prototype #3 – 12 july 2016: Windows, Mac and Linux


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The Game: Video Game - Enhanced HD Adventure